Tips & Tools

Still wondering if LOADING your OWN AMMO is the right hobby for you?

Here are a few reasons the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Press is the perfect reason to reload:

  • It is much Less Expensive to reload ammunition then it is to purchase new, factory loaded cartridges.
  • Develop exactly the type of cartridge that best fits your style of shooting.
  • Your cartridge can be Custom-Tailored to your pistol or rifle for greater shooting accuracy.
  • Decrease on waste because reloading your OWN ammo allows the shooter to reuse cartridges many times over.
  • Reloading can alleviates Stress and is a Relaxing pass time that provides a sense of satisfaction when accomplished.

Here are some helpful TOOLS and TIPS to consider while reloading your VERY OWN ammunition:

  • Powder Storage:  Powder left in the reloader’s powder hopper for extended periods or overnight should be avoided.  Powder needs to be stored in original containers ONLY, when not in use.  Numerous modern smokeless powders are double base in composition, containing both Nitroglycerine and Nitrocellulose.  Many powder measures currently available use an inexpensive plastic containing polystyrene, which Nitroglycerine adversely effects when contact is made for extended periods of time, resulting in etching or misshaping the plastic.  Normal usage during the reloading process does not provide adequate time for this to occur, so simply draining hoppers into the original containers when reloading is complete for the day prevents ruining hoppers.
  • Choosing A Gun Powder:  When choosing a powder with similar burn speed, always look at the efficiency, resulting velocity and pressures while comparing charge weights. Always look for a relative Burn Rate Chart and reloading data provided by your gun manufacturer.
  • Primer Seating Depth:  How far the primer is inserted into the shell case is carefully controlled in factory ammunition.  You also need to be aware of primer seating depth when reloading.  Seating the primer too deep below flush can damage the internal components, leading to misfires and inconsistent ignition.  Seating the primer too high (above flush) can cause the cylinder to not rotate in revolvers, and can cause problems when the bolt slams home I semi-automatics.  Seating above flush can also result in misfires.  The primer seating depth is best checked by sliding your index finger across the bottom of the primed shell case.  The ideal seating depth is just below flush.  If the primer is above flush it can be run through the seating operation again to push it below flush.
  • Kinetic Bullet Puller:  Mistakes happen; Powder measures can get out of calibration; sometimes the wrong primer gets used, and, sometimes you’re so sure that a new load will be a winner that you load up a big batch before trying it out at the range.  Then you find out it performs like crap.  For whatever issue you run int, a kinetic bullet puller will allow you to quickly break down your mistakes and reuse the brass.

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