Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Progressive Press: Easy to Use Reloading Press Kit (My Review)

Why Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press is an effective machine…

The Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press features:Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Auto Progressive Review

  1. Lock-N-Load Quick change technology
  2. Fully Automatic indexing and EZ-ject System allows you to load up to 500 cartridges an hour
  3. 5 station die platform
  4. Capability of loading Rifle And Handgun cartridges with ease.
  5. satisfaction of Hand-Loading your own ammunition

Reloading made easy…

…The Hornady AP Reloading Press allows shooters to customize their rounds and change dies to reload a different calibar in seconds.

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! Important !

The EZ-ject system is designed to work with updated shellplates. Earlier version shellplates are not adaptable with the EZ-ject system. To tell if shellplates need to be updated, turn the shellplate upside down and look for a groove that runs in a circular pattern around the shellplate.

! Important !

 Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Auto Press Spec’s:

Frame Material: Cast Alloy Hornady Lock-N-Load Press (small and large Primers

Frame Design: O-Frame

Handle Location: Bottom Right

Die Size Accepted: Any standard 7/8″-14 threaded die

Die Bushing Accepted: Yes

Die Bushing Brand Used: Hornady, this press has five stations that will only accept Hornady Die Bushings, each station is not threaded (The press ships with 5 bushings).

Spent Primer Collection System: Plastic tube that can be set to drop primers into trash cans

Priming Feature: Automatic

Number of Stations: 

Mounting Hardware Included: No, users will need 1/2″ thick bolts that are long enough to go through the press and reloading bench.

Warranty: Lifetime Factory

Automatic Press compatible with different caliper firearms

What others are saying about the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press…

“After 5 years of reloading 300-400 rnds a week this press is going strong. It needs periodic cleaning and lubrication to function properly. I had an issue with primers flipping occasionally. I used a file to seat the primer feed tubedeeper into the casting on the press. It is now perfectly flush at the bottom. I then drilled and tapped a set screw to hold it in place. No primer issues after that. Get a few she’ll plate springs, if you go too fast you will crush it. Go slower on rifle when using the case feeder they sometimes stick sliding into the shell plate. The display upgrade for 200$ is well worth the money. Powder levels, primer level, powder checker/ lock out, and light are what really make this press shine. I wish I had it from the start. Clean and lube but use caution with spray oils as they will deactivate primers that are exposed.” – Spencer

“I’ve loaded over 2000 rounds of 5.56, 1500 rounds of 45acp, 2000 of 9mm, 1000 380, 1000 460s&w, 500 long colt, 250 300 win mag just to name a few. I’ve only broke one spring and one plastic holder for the primer system. I’ve loaded many more caliber’s of hand gun and rifle without any problems. You Need To SetUp To Do 100 Rounds OR More To Be Worth it. I can turn out 300 rounds easily and upto 500 rounds with some luck.” – Daryl

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Final Verdict; Is Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Worth it?

Answer: YesLock-N-Load 5 Die Platform Reloading Kit

All-N-All You Get:

  • Lock-N-Load powder measure
  • Rifle and Pistol metering assemblies
  • Case Activated Powder Drop and linkage
  • Cartridge Catcher
  • Large And Small primer pick-up tubes
  • 5 Lock-N-Load Bushings

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Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press F.A.Q

Q:  where can I purchase the Hornady Press?

A:  You can purchase directly through the manufacturer through this link

Q:  What primer is used in 500 S&W cases?

A: Hornady’s orignal cases for the 500 S&W were made with Large Pistol Primer pockets. New cases, which are marked “LR” will be made with a Large Rifle Primer Pocket.

Q: What is the Lock-N-Load AP EZ-Ject Conversion Kit?

A: The Lock-N-Load  AP EZ-JECT conversion kit allows you to convert your LNL AP press (with serial number 7000 or higher) to use the EZ-JECT system.  This system ejects cases without the need of an ejection wire and is standard on 2009 model presses.

Q: Do I need to convert my Lock-N-Load AP Press?

A: No, this new ejection system is not a required conversion. If you purchase new style shell plates they will work with both the wire eject and EZ-JECT systems.

Good luck and happy hunting..